Authvia Drives Massive Top of Funnel Awareness

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Driving low-cost SaaS leads

Authvia, a conversational commerce software platform, faced several challenges around outbound sales prospecting.

With a horizontal software solution and a mass market approach to distribution, they needed help with prioritizing different verticals, scaling outreach without scaling (expensive) headcount, and developing effective prospecting campaigns.

HyperscaleLeads stepped in and provided a comprehensive solution that included a vertical prioritization exercise, effective prospecting campaigns, and AI-based personalization technology.

Reaching the masses - on a budget

Authvia was facing several challenges when it came to their outbound sales prospecting campaign.

They had never run an outbound sales prospecting campaign before and were having difficulty prioritizing different verticals since their solution was so horizontal and there were use cases for any business in any industry.

Additionally, their pricing model required them to take a 'mass market' approach to distribution but they couldn't justify a full time sales development team.

Lastly, they needed to scale outreach without scaling headcount.

Letting our AI shoulder the burden

HyperscaleLeads provided a comprehensive email-based prospecting solution for Authvia.

We ran a vertical prioritization exercise to map their Total Addressable Market, worked with them to wrap their value propositions into effective prospecting campaigns.

We implemented our AI-based personalization technology to ensure every prospect received a totally 100% customized, high quality message and executed extremely high volume outbound sales campaigns to generate warm leads for their sales team.

Driving significant early-stage SaaS traction

The solution provided by HyperscaleLeads was highly successful.

Authvia's campaigns produced 25-30 consistent positive responses for their mobile-payments SaaS tool.

They saved hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars on copywriting, campaign planning, execution, and prospecting through our battle-tested go-to-market automation system.

Authvia also closed several new referral partnerships driving significant long term revenue with $50m+ companies.

Overall, they built a strong partnership with us and a great foundation for growth.

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