Project Frog drives 42 qualified leads in 60 days

Project Frog
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Keeping the sales team focused on selling

Project Frog faced several challenges when it came to their sales process. HyperscaleLeads stepped in and helped enable their team to do more with less - freeing up bandwidth to focus on their highest value-added activities.

Limited bandwidth

Project Frog faced a few challenges in their quest for growth.

They had no in-house expertise needed to identify and engage good fit accounts, limited time, resources, and bandwidth for outreach, and pressure to grow and build new sales pipeline.

Additionally, they had a manual sales process using low levels of personalization and quality.

Offload low value-added activities

HyperscaleLeads provided a comprehensive solution for Project Frog.

We relied on our massive lead database and world class data scraping techniques to build targeted lead lists.

Additionally, we set up sales outreach automation systems configured with full technical deliverability settings, and implemented our proprietary AI-based personalization software to ensure every prospect received a 100% dynamic message.

Freedom to close new business

The solution provided by HyperscaleLeads was highly successful.

Project Frog achieved 42 qualified leads in 60 days and a significant uptick in opportunities for their sales team.

This allowed them to shift their team's focus away from prospecting and towards closing new business.

With the help of HyperscaleLeads, Project Frog was able to quickly and efficiently generate leads and pipeline, despite their limited resources.

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