Watershed develops hyper specific go to market data plan

$10 million
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When traditional data isn't enough

Watershed is a hypergrowth-stage company with $70m in funding and intense pressure to grow 10x over the next year.

They partnered with HyperscaleLeads (formerly Hyperspect.AI) to map their Total Addressable Market, give their sales teams quick wins with the lowest hanging fruit deals, and provide customized sales intelligence in the US and European markets.

Beyond ZoomInfo

Watershed needed to map their Total Addressable Market but were growing 5-10 teams at once as they scaled from ~40 to ~250 employees. Everyone's time was tapped out.

Since SaaS is a game of recurring impact and retention, the highest priority for them was properly filtering accounts that had the highest chance of producing longterm LTV.

Their new VP of sales needed to secure quick wins with the lowest hanging fruit deals that best matched the state of their product at the time.

They had specific requirements around the types of sales intelligence signals that were relevant for ranking the companies in their market

These signals were completely unavailable were completely unavailable through traditional data sources like ZoomInfo and LinkedIn and required customized precision.

Go-To-Market Data Strategy - as-a-Service

We provided a comprehensive solution to Watershed’s needs by doing a TAM analysis and vertical prioritization exercise using our state-of-the-art database containing over 240+ organizations worldwide.

Our database built using advanced natural language processing and AI techniques helps to aggregate different combos of private, public, and government data sets, and scrape the open web in creative ways to build and enrich lead universes.

We arrived at non-traditional, bottoms-up metrics that help stack rank these lists and guide efficient GTM thinking both in the U.S. and internationally.

We also built several 100% custom sales intelligence signal detectors to prioritize their target accounts and developed a customized API connector to help score inbound leads.

Rapid capture of market share

Thanks to our work, Watershed was able to close millions of dollars in ARR using their account list as the foundation for their sales team.

In addition, they were able to populate their Salesforce account base with 10,000 good fit companies and 30,000 leads in less than 3 weeks.

We also did additional work to do custom market analysis reports and other miscellaneous Go-To-Market enablement tasks that offloaded work from their sales leadership team.

Finally, the data we produced for them helped enable a holistic approach to scaling a hypergrowth company by helping to inform the strategic decision-making for not only the Sales team but the product team's priorities as well.

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